Brunshaw Neighbourhood Watch


As a NHW we major on Community Cohesion and doing sociable events with neighbours, so to create a strong bond together.

We leave policing to the Police, simply working with the

Police's LOGGING SYSTEM and discussions at PACT  Meetings,

along with staying in dialogue with the Council, the CVS, the Safety Services, Calico, etc., who are the responsible Bodies for getting things done in our area. 

Our NHW aim has been to work with a Scheme that enables us to safely talk together, with a background ethos that we all want to move forward to give the area in which we live the freedom of a Well-Being feeling.

When the News Reporter visited our area in July 2014, this is exactly what she personally experienced.

She spoke of this good feeling on Radio Lancashire.


Road Safety Concerns

have recently been highlighted in the vicinity of

Brunshaw Primary & Nursery Schools


Neighbourhood Watch has facilitated a meeting between concerned parents


Lancashire County Council Safer Travel Advisor

Pauline Thompson


Proposals include:-

  •          Renewing yellow zig-zags outside school

  •          Involving children at school with a Road Safety Campaign

  •         A possible long term solution to create a  one-way drop-off zone for parents who have to bring children to school by car


Thanks to Calico


Job Done        

Mud on Downham Grove

from this........

to this


Spring on Wycoller Avenue

Delivered to PACT Meeting March 2012


LCC & United utilities found this area had drains blocked by grease and rags.


They have cleared them on the 29th March. 


Many thanks to Linda White for spearheading this toward getting it sorted, and to Calico, United

Utilities and LCC  for all your help.




Brunshaw Ward Councillors 

Contact details

                                                   Councillor Tony Harrison 07817 467 471

                                                   Councillor Lian Pate 07949 120 817

                                                   Councillor Mark Townsend 07531 481 917

Latest News


Long standing Spring dealt with at top of Culshaw Street