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True spirit of NHW!

Sponteneous letter posted to

a NHW Coordinator's home.

It is so greatly appricated.

Neighbourhood Watch



BRUNSHAW!  Was part of the NATIONAL Awards at Westminster.

Can you spot our representative?


Please send us more of your ideas to expand our community spirit and care

As a NHW we major on Community Cohesion and doing sociable events with neighbours, so to create a strong bond together.

We leave policing to the Police, simply working with the Police's LOGGING SYSTEM and discussions at PACT Meetings, along with staying in dialogue with the Council, the CVS, the Safety Services, Calico, etc., who are the responsible Bodies for getting things done in our area.

Our NHW aim has been to work with a Scheme that enables us to safely talk  together, with a background ethos that we all want to move forward to give the area in which we live the freedom of a Well-Being feeling.

When the News Reporter visited our area in July 2014, this is exactly what she personally experienced.

She spoke of this good feeling on Radio Lancashire.



To make Neighbourhood Watch work is simple....

        2. Contact your constabulary

3. They should have a standard letter for you to hand out. These letters are returned to the police station

 in a pre-paid envelope. When 50% of the letters are      returned with a positive response,

your Neighbourhood Watch Scheme for your area is confirmed - you can decide who will be the contact

        person for your scheme

1. Raise awareness with neighbours around where you live, it could be 2 or 3 or even 93

4. Contact between neighbours could be verbal, or by written details through the door, email, or some

       schemes create their own website


To keep your Scheme vibrant

5. Once established, to obtain window stickers and be covered by insurance, get your scheme registered  with the National Neighbourhood Watch



Beaumont Enterprise Centre

72 Boston Road






phone: 01162-293118

The Lancashire Combined Watch Forum is part of the National Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.


New Links for

Neighbourhood Watch


There is a new 'alert' system operated by the Neighbourhood Policing Team

at Lancashire Constabulary HQ, to update people with various relevant issues.

We are urged to sign up to it via the link below.

The system allows you to choose how you want to receive information -

email, fax, text, mobile or landline.

Initial registration by website, but no internet connection needed afterwards.

Click on the link and select 'new user' and follow the prompts;

select only the means you want to receive your alerts.

 Our Notice Boards carry news of local Events, Activities and Crime Prevention

                                                     Corner of Coleshill Avenue                                                                           Wycoller Park

                                                        and Brunshaw Avenue


Share your photos and videos.

Ring co-ordinator or

contact us  

Everyone can be part of the

News Team!

for more

 News Team activity


There may be more to Neighbourhood Watch than you've imagined! Groups do a wide variety of things, each group working in its own way, but always with a common purpose. Every group is different, and remarkable things are achieved through working together. 

Check out the National website and sign up for regular updates on issues which effect everyone as well as news of events in our region.


NHW Pennine Area, where Brunshaw is located, regularly support the Quarterly Regional Meetings held in Preston.

Ring 708746 for more information


By its very nature is a voluntary scheme, run solely by residents.

Each scheme is unique, because it is driven by people from their own doorsteps.

  The aim of residents communicating together under a recognised label is

to bring an identity so that they can have a voice amongst wider community affairs

to create an agreement between neighbours that they wish to actively uphold the laws of the land

to help support neighbours who may fall victim to or become vulnerable to crime

to help live in an amicable partnership with Providers of the local area


Find out where your nearest P.A.C.T. meeting is and perhaps have a representative attend

- Contact local Providers such as Fire and Emergency to advise them that you are a Scheme.

They are very keen to provide FREE fire checks and any free equipment that would safeguard against the risk of fires.

- Some Schemes, although not compulsory, have various ideas to raise the friendliness of their area...

such as holding a regular meeting to download relevant P.A.C.T. meeting or other community information, or a popular one is to join in with the Macmillan Coffee Morning held nationally in September.

- For the sharing of Regional good practice and staying informed, there are representatives from the

County who meet with a Regional Body called LCWF -

Lancashire Combined Watch Forum